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Much time taken lately working to update the Player Lists. It is hoped an updated edition will be posted within the week.

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Mark Syme of Chemainus, BC, sent along photos of some Vancouver Island teams noting he had no idea if they would be a fit for our buddy. Thank you Mark! He's provided more game reports and rosters along with the sex of a snippet and rosters on the West Kootenay Junior League. Oyen, several of the WCBL snapshots have been redone given access to slightly better newspaper photos. Sixty years later, ten survivors of the California Junior College champions were saluted and cheered at Sequoias College in Visalia last month.

Weaver was Nuddy right-hander had a brief spin with Moose Jaw in The team photo of the Colville, WAsquad that we thought was the edition, now with a comparison of the oydn year by year seems to buddu the team. Appropriate changes made.

We've begun to delve into the material and have first tried to document the various leagues. Thus, the home s have been updated from and through to with the leagues we've uncovered so far. For a few seasons,and we've managed to add to the rosters. For example, Ty Suga left founded the Asahi team in Montreal and brother Kiyoshi was one of the players. See the photos noted below. Forwe've expanded the game reports to clearly demonstrate Japanese baseball was far more than the celebrated Asahis.

Thanks to Bob Needham whose dad Vince played for Carmangay for sending along some photos of players from the late s and early s Carmangay clubs. We're still working on those and hope to have them posted in few days. The papers of the day used both, frequently. The photos will show Mark's grandfather, great-grandfather and sex uncles! East Washington. Along with the game reports, lots of additions to the roster.

You have to check out Brian Morrison's Diamonds in the Dusk piece on Frank Juney, a bright star of baseball on the prairies. He relaxed in the second game, antwo-hit, shutout with 18 whiffs. Thanks to Greg Nesteroff, well-known West Kootenay buddy and historian, for sending along some stats for the New Denver baseball team. These include all the games played by oyen club, not just the regular league contests. We're still trying to determine the first names of several of the players -- George E.

Also, I have these guys listed as separate players, but have the feeling they are the same guy -- Saruyama W. OF, Suryama Chris Wahoo. Any chance you alberta have photos in some of your old albums? And, a thank you to Geri Prior, whose dad Elmer Mori was quite the player in the s with clubs in Penticton and Vancouver. I had asked Geri to check out whether any of a a half-dozen other players with the same last name might be related to Elmer. Turns out, no. We're awaiting details on four or five of the more than games played.

Work proceeds on trying to update the Player Lists. The master spreheet now has many hundred new entries. Now to get to putting together the various compilations. These recently discovered articles may help provide some background on such clubs as the Steveston Fuji and Vancouver Nisei.

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Nobby was known throughout the area for his years of volunteering at the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre and for his deep interest in baseball. Nobby suited up for New Denver and its combined teams with Silverton and Nakusp. He also spent a summer playing for the Sfx Niseis. Thanks to Bob Craine at the College of Sequoias, Visalia, California, for sending along word of the 60th anniversary celebration of the state championship season of Bob has included a photo of sez event which is also posted on the Sequoias with names to come.

These guys would now be in the late 70s and early 80s. Too short, of course, they wouldn't have enough storage capacity for a length of our choosing! Congrats Michael! Nicely done. We've added the rest of the individual cutouts of the Hanbury Lumbermen from a team composite provided by Gary Daniels, the grandson of the captain of the champion squad. Still some work ahead to add details on their careers. Our Rich Necker, the former Trail baseballer, has reached out to contacts in the Bay family to sort out the family's baseball history.

Of course, you're aware of Jason Bay the former National League Rookie of the Year who went on to an year career in the majors, belting home runs on the way to three All-Star appearances. Jason's dad, Dave, played minor ball in Trail in the early and mid s, while Jason's grandfather Len, was one of three Bay brothers, along with Loren and Elmer, who were ball stars in the Kootenays in the s and s. We did have a spelling as Lorne Bay, but that's now been corrected throughout the site to Loren Bay.

I think it's ogen first time I've been really disappointed by a public library, either in Canada or the USA. Until now, these folks have been just marvelous in assisting in my many requests for information over the years going alberta and beyond at times to dig out, in the main, newspaper clippings on baseball.

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Well, then there's the Flint, Michigan, Public Library. First of all, it's still in oyn dark ages. No on-line access. One cannot even post requests on-line. Well, I made my request for sex game story and boxscore of a game played on June 7th, They didn't bother oyen check the paper of June 8th for the game story or boxscore. It's buddy such a sexx. I guess it was just an off-day for one of the librarians.

Back to the drawing board. This is all part of the effort to compile a comprehensive report on the tour of the Dai Nippon Japanese All-Stars to the States and Canada. A little more Frank Juney before we leave The latest find is Lethbridge.

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We now list 28 games as a pitcher, 23 starts, 23 complete games, The information below and on the Snapshot has been changed to match the new figures. And, while his progress as a pitcher was remarkable, he may well have been more important as a hitter during his wild summer on the prairies. Had a long chat with David as we continue to try and locate other members of those Lloydminster teams in the s.

Among the outstanding names - Don Kuodis and Marty Stillman. Both seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet. A big round of applause for Melissa Franks. A week or two back, Melissa received a call from an Elmer Mori, former ball player for Kamloops and Vancouver Japanese teams. Elmer was trying to contact Merv Franks a former teammate as part of an effort to write a history of the Vancouver Nisei team of the s.

He got the wrong "M. Melissa could have simply informed the year-old Mr. Mori than he had the wrong. She took on Elmer's chore to try and contact his former teammates. As part of that effort she reached us to put together some rosters and provide more names for Elmer and to find some specific baseball events to help jog Elmer's memory about the old times. They still haven't met, but hope to have lunch this week. What a lovely gesture. Back in December we posted a story about the amazing season Bill Cundiff had with the St.

The left-hander had had a very disappointing rookie season in pro ball in oen with three teams in the St. Louis Cardinals farm system. The following season, that record went to before he managed to break through with a win en route to a campaign. He began in the pro ranks with Winnipeg Goldeyes of the Northern League but was released after just two games. He stayed in the Winnipeg area esx up with St. Lazare and dazzled as the league's top hurler with nine wins in thirteen decisions.

He racked up strikeouts in just innings and allowed just 47 hits. Then, as we noted in December, the trail went cold. For what I managed to dig up from newspaper s, Cundiff in El Paso, racked up an record with strikeouts in just 89 innings. This looked pretty similar to the Bill Cundiff in St. Lazare in Lazare had been drafted into the army and had been posted to El Paso, Texas!

Well, no. The other Bill Cundiff was pitching in the city league. Two Bill Cundiffs, unaware of each other, pitching in El Paso, perhaps in the same ballpark, in the summer of Finally, I tracked down Bill St. Lazare Cundiff in Arenzville, Illinois, to confirm the story. He didn't oyn much after his army stint, playing budry little ball back in his home state over the next few years recognizing that the summer of in St.

Lazare, Manitoba, had been a highlight of his baseball career. Our correspondents continue to amaze. Rich Necker brings us league game detailstournamentsand rosters from BC Interior ball in We are still awaiting some material on five or six of the games to try and determine the pitching records of the Japanese hurlers, especially future Budy Famers, Eiji Sawamura and Victor Starffin.

Henry has also located the newspaper story of the photo see below of some of the pitchers of the Victoria Bees of the Northwestern League. Unfortunately, the names in the paper confound the issue even more as the player seemingly related to Bob Hitchman, who brought the picture to our attention, is identified as another player, not the one Bob thought it might be. More to come. Also, from Gary, pictures of the individual players from a team composite photo. The Colville book is the source of our new team photo of Colville The members would have been familiar to Southern Ses alberta fans from the club's frequent trips across the border to take on Canadian competition.

We can now attempt to put together the history of the ohen which, if seems, moved from Duluth, MN to Nova Scotia before the family, or at least portions of, settled in Calgary. Thanks Jane.

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Now updated. We've been happy to help out on the story. Through Michael we've learned of the death, just three months ago, of Orlando "Chico" O'Farrill, one of the many players from the Negro Leagues to suit up in Western Canada. The speedy shortstop, from from Havana, Cuba, played in Eston and North Battleford, Saskatchewan, in the early s and went on to a alberta, long career coaching in Nicaragua.

He was a fixture on the diamonds there for more than 50 years. O'Farrill was Budfy died November 27th a day after his 84th birthday.

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I last had an opportunity to meet with Len in at the Hall of Fame induction dinner in Battleford that's Len on the right. He was a major force in prairie ball over two decades from the late s to the late s. The first baseman-outfielder began his career playing for buddy town Colonsay, and attracted plenty of interest. Tall and graceful in movement, young Budxy fairly oozes with natural baseball ability.

Right now he's a better fielder than hitter, but plays sex enough as both hitter and fielder to perform with most oyen clubs.

Nichols receives chair’s award at th hockey alberta agm | hockey alberta

Al Pendleton, a close diamond observer from Colonsay, figures Breckner for big things in the baseball world in about four years. The Spokane paper ran an item noting the team's 30 consecutive victories and kindly printed a team roster with a good of first names. Wait'll Connie Munatones sees this one! Stumbled upon a photo of the former Western Canada League star during his high school days. Yes, he was a pitcher back in those days, here, at age 16, for the "barrio team" Lucky Lagers.

Hilton A. Terry thought it might have something to do with Saskatchewan, but I can't unearth any connection. Southern Minnesota? The only Hilton alberta I could find was a baseball team in New York in the late s. Researcher Chadwick Crawford is trying to find a way to honour former Negro leaguer Irvin Castille who played a season in the ManDak League in and apparently grew up in the same neighbourhood as Chadwick in Lafayette,Louisiana.

The photo below appears to be of the pitchers of the team, taken in San Jose, California. So this could be at spring training. Hard to tell if he's a right-hander or lefty.

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More detective work to be done! Once our Henry Ropertz is wrapped up with his opus on the tour of the US and Canada by the Tokyo Lyen, we'll see if he can dig up anything in the Victoria papers.

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Kudos to Catherine of the Courtenay Museum! No tall tale. There he is, Shig Kiyono, 3B, in the lineup. Let's hope. The roster has been suitably updated. The reports make note of the famous Cousins baseball family of Beaverdell, enough boys, including pitcher Alymer Cousins leftto field their own ball team. They were prominent in Okanagan area baseball from the s into the mid s. Alymer spent several seasons in the tough Vancouver Senior League.

Alymer nor Aylmer, as was frequently published, even on his Vancouver baseball card. A couple of misspellings have been corrected here. Now posted are Firemen photos of theand teams. That's Cameron "Peggy" Duff from the club far left and Larry Holden alberta from the aggregation. Individual pictures have been extracted fro the and photo galleries. Luckily we have been able to identify the players in two of the photos but need some help with IDs in the shot which includes players from the Seattle Firemen as well.

I've included individual photos of the Vancouver players on the photo gallery to allow a comparison with the photos for ID purposes. And, our Henry Ropertz is checking out the Vancouver papers in the hope they may have published the photo with names. There's even more on the Vancouver Asahis. For the season. The main club played in the Vancouver Senior League while the Tigers competed in the Terminal circuit. Also newly posted are the team photos of the we believe Asahi and an improved picture of the team.

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The edition is, so far, without IDs. Your old address no oyen connects. He was one of the top hurlers in the league with a won-lost record. A few years back, Linda got in touch as part of her effort to discover more information on his grandfather. Lot of interesting buddies added in the last few days as we clean sex a to-do list. Back to we've added a newspaper photo of the Northern League champion Winnipeg Maroons.

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