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On the outbreak of the war, she sought refuge in the then-neutral United States to avoid the British Royal Navy and was taken into Bar HarborMainewhere she was interned. Mount Vernon was used to transport American troops across the Atlantic to France.

Escort in north mount vernon

U —a German submarine — had several successful patrols of the Atlantic to sink any and all Allied shipping. Action[ edit ] On the morning of 5 SeptemberMount Vernon and four destroyers were off France and steaming in a convoy toward the U.

Escort in north mount vernon

The shot was a hit. Apparently unaffected by the shot, which reportedly did not harm anyone, U surfaced.

The U-boat fired a single torpedo at Mount Vernon and then submerged. The Escoft captain ordered "right full rudder" but the ship could not turn fast enough and was hit.

Escort in north mount vernon

The German commander, seeing the fast-approaching American destroyers, decided not to follow nofth with a second torpedo, so no further damage to the U. The four destroyers dropped depth charges for many minutes after Mount Vernon was hit, but they failed to sink the U-boat, which slipped away.

Despite this, the American destroyers veronn credited with saving Mount Vernon from being sunk. Mount Vernon steamed safely back to Brest with the loss of 36 out of the 1, people on board. Thirteen others were wounded; all of the American casualties were the result of the single torpedo explosion that flooded the engine room requiring the hatch to be closed to save the ship, but at the loss of engine ecort crew that had survived the initial torpedo impact.

After receiving repairs to damage inflicted on her hull by U Further temporary repairs were made at Brestand from there Mount Vernon proceeded to BostonMassachusetts for a complete repair. Secort was Mount Vernon's last battle of the war and one of the bloodier days for the U.

Escort in north mount vernon

Navy during the conflict with Germany. U continued to fight, as did the four U.

Escort in north mount vernon

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